What Will Happen to the Health Care Bill?

What Will Happen to the Health Care Bill?

After months of fighting over the health care bill and finally getting to a place where it seemed that enough Congress members liked it, its fate is once again questioned after Republican Scott Brown won Ted Kennedy’s Senate seat on Tuesday night.

Originally owning 60 seats in the Senate, now Democrats have 59 seats, which is one short of the number needed to overcome a Republican filibuster, which Republicans promised will occur.

Why Republicans Hate the Health Care Overhaul

There are a number of reasons that the Republicans are not pleased with the current state of the health care overhaul, but the main reason is the public option. They simply do not want government-run insurance included in this overhaul. Just earlier this month, Republicans vowed to halt the health care bill and it looks like having Brown win the Massachusetts seat may make their job easier than ever.

Is Obama’s Dream Deferred?

Now many wonder if the bill will be slowed to a halt with Democrats losing their seat in Senate. No longer being able to pass the bill without Republican involvement could mean that Democrats will need to make a lot of adjustments, including getting rid of the public option.

There is no official word on how this election will affect the fate of the bill, but supporters are now biting their nails. One thing’s for sure, we’re probably looking at months, rather than weeks of additional wrangling over the best health care options for this nation.

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